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"When Civil Defence emergencies occur on the Coromandel Peninsula, isolation, flooding, slips, land subsidence, structural damage and road closures are usually the outcome.

Responding during and after these events, especially on the Eastern Seaboard is often difficult and delayed as outside resources are bought in. When that big event happens we always turn to EPL to mobilise first and get into the highest risk areas. Why it works and why they are so efficient in the emergency space is simple - experience.

The EPL staff know their business, they have been in many tight situations where serious decisions and practical thinking is required and they get on and fix the problem.

The Recovery phase of an emergency can take weeks, even years;  repairing and securing large land subsidence's, road rebuilding, flood damage repairs as well as infrastructure replacement. Again EPL is right at the front line working with Civil Defence, Thames Coromandel District Council, Waikato Regional Council and NZTA to get the job done and done well.

As the Emergency Management and Civil Defence Controller for the Coromandel Peninsula, it is reassuring to know that one phone call to Bruce and his team is all it takes to mobilise knowing they have the experience and resources to deliver."



Garry Towler

District Manager Emergency Management & Community Resilience Civil Defence Controller 

Thames Coromandel District Council                   

"Powerco has provided an innovative solution to the Whangamata community where there is a single 33KV line feeding the 5700 properties in the Coromandel town. Powerco has developed a New Zealand first large grid scale battery paired with a high-tech generator that will power up and keep the town’s CBD humming if the main electricity supply to Whangamata is cut.


EPL Construction provided a well-resourced and experienced team to undertake the civil construction at Powerco’s Whangamata Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) site.


The project was successfully completed within a tight timeframe to specific construction specifications.


EPL was able to provide suggestions to improve the final solution, which was invaluable and had the skills within the team to undertake any changes or additions to the project in an efficient and timely manner.


Powerco is very pleased with the EPL civil construction component of this project and is confident the EPL team will get the job done well."


Peter Apperley

Powerco Project Manager

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