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EPL has been providing civil construction since 1997 and the service we offer includes road construction, building site works, bulk earthworks, drainage, pipe laying, pump stations, retaining walls, footpaths, subdivisions, coastal protection, and marine work. We regularly work throughout the Coromandel Peninsula and central North Island and understand planning and consent requirements, soil types, weather, and seasonal traffic patterns.

Building Site Works

EPL has been servicing the residential and commercial building sectors for over 20 years. Working closely with builders and property developers, our team of experienced drain layers, construction workers and engineering personnel are able to undertake a multitude of building-related work in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner. Services that we regularly provide include building demolition and site remediation, clearing and earthworks, building pads and foundation preparation, pile driving, drainage, septic tanks, disposal systems, pollutant traps, pump stations, retaining walls, driveway construction, and landscaping.

Land Development

With over 20 years’ experience in developing residential and commercial land, covering both greenfield and brownfield sites, we have built a strong track record and reputation for delivering complex projects, under trying conditions on time and within budget. Our ability to understand your business objectives and individual project needs allows us to tailor our services so that your project outcomes are realised. Through careful attention to quality, time and cost we are now considered a preferred supplier of civil construction and land development services.


The construction of stormwater and drainage infrastructure is a core part of EPL’s business. Our pipe laying teams specialise in constructing pipe systems, manholes, control structures (inlet chambers, drop structures, bubble-ups, retention sumps, and outfalls), inline and endpoint treatment devices (interceptors, pollutant traps, and separators), pump stations and flood control structures. Our experience includes above-ground management and control systems; open channels, swale drains, retention ponds, flood control, and flood protection works.


EPL specialises in the installation, repair, and replacement of water supply, water distribution, and water distribution infrastructure. Our skilled and experienced project management, pipe-laying and construction teams are able to undertake a variety of work from routine maintenance and repair through to the construction of new pipelines, valve chambers, pump stations, bore heads, and water treatment facilities.


We have an impressive track record in the construction of residential drainage systems and heavy civil construction projects involving large-scale gravity sewers, rising main and pump stations. Our experience and skills in drainlaying, earthworks, deep excavation and dewatering make us the first choice for underground pipework for builders, developers, local authorities and construction companies. 

Road Construction

We are well versed in a variety of road construction techniques for both bound and unbound pavements including cement stabilisation, asphalt paving, and chip sealing. Our approach to road construction demands sound planning, optimal management of resources and clear workflow to guarantee seamless project delivery and a quality outcome.

We have the skills, capability, and experience to construct sealed and unsealed urban and rural roads, access-ways, driveways, car parks, and hardstands. Our project team has designed, procured, project managed and supervised sizable road construction projects throughout New Zealand and Australia. We are familiar with Local Authority, AustRoads, and TNZ design standards and construction specifications and have a wealth of experience working with local road building materials.

Retaining Walls

At EPL we have the experience and expertise to construct many types of retaining walls that are not only sturdy and reliable but also aesthetically pleasing. Our reputation for meeting and exceeding all building code requirements and respected standards is widely recognised and attested to. This means you can be sure that your retaining wall is built professionally and reliably. Utilising an array of plant and equipment including a 600kg pile driver, various diameter augers and a fleet of excavators and construction equipment we are able to construct timber retaining walls, precast and poured reinforced concrete retaining walls, concrete block and masonry retaining walls, pre-cast concrete tilt panel retaining walls, gabion baskets retaining walls and rock and reinforced earth retaining walls.

Civil Structures

The diversity of our work requires that we are able to construct civil structures such as retaining walls, head-walls, outfalls, manholes, pump station chambers and wet wells, valve chambers, large-diameter culverts, fords, and driveways, etc. We are skilled in the design and construction of formwork and falsework, reinforcement fixing and concrete placement. Members of our team have supervised large scale tunneling projects.


Our teams are well versed in the construction of footpaths, cycleways, and trails using a range of materials and finishing’s; concrete, asphalt, aggregate, and timber. Tasks and activities that we are able to complete include setting out, clearing, subgrade and base course preparation, installation of formwork and falsework, concrete placement and finishing and timber construction.

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